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As a San Antonio native I have been a Spurs fan all of my life. I have been there rooting for my team from the first championship in 1999 to the devastating three point buzzer beater Derrick Fisher made in 0.4 sec Game 5 May 13, 2004. I am most certainly what you call a die heart fan. Not hard but heart, because the San Antonio Spurs hold a special place in my heart that I would preciously and represent proudly until the day I die.

Geomedia of San Antonio, Texas is a full service production company that has been serving the San Antonio area for 19 years. This company has established loyal relationships within Fortune 500 companies all the way to area local San Antonio businesses. The company can also develop 3D animations and the traditional television commercials. The company even shoots HD video live. The thing that has caught my eyes about this company is that they created the “Our House” video played before all Spurs game. Before I even knew Geomedia produced this I was truly amazed, and when I found out the company that did id based in San Antonio I knew I would make it a priority to learn more and establish a relationship with this company.

In this world of social media 24-7 interaction is always needed, and that is why we can use all these media outlets to connect to different business that can benefit equally. San Antonio Spurs is an organization that is well respected and can keep San Antonio on the cunning edge of new media. Geomedia is has been around in the San Antonio area for 19 years and continues to grow with new movie animation techniques, and visual tactics.

From what I have explained to you can take two companies make them innovative and growing for the better through the world of social media. Keeping ourselves updates on all current and willing to take the risk on new things wills always keep these companies in the know of all the media outlets.

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Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

Before they were mortal enemies, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were just two big dorks who really liked computers, and each other! Well at least that is how the media portrayed them to be. We really don’t know how or even what they think of each other. Both men are highly intelligent and have the same goal for both of their companies.In watching both of their bio Steve Jobs was a person that didn’t come from money. He was adopted and lived in a middle class family household.Bill Gates on the other hand came from money. He grand parents owned this national first national bank. So he was use to the finer thing in life. Both Jobs and Gates excelled in their academics, they proceeds their high school career going to college, and they both dropped out. Having similar visions to take what they have created to the next level. Even though both Jobs and Gates hardships along the way they never seemed to let that get them down. Jobs is now focusing on his health, and gates is now focusing on his philanthropy. The one question I wana leave you with is, who will be the next Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Check out this interesting article.

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The NBA Playoffs are finally here…

The Grizzlies finally notched up their first post-season victory since moving to Memphis, and could not have chosen a better stage to do it, upsetting the Spurs in the first game of their Western Conference playoff.As expected, San Antonio were missing Manu Ginobili due to an elbow injury but were still favorites to beat the Grizzlies. Ginobili now has two more days to recover for Game 2, while Memphis will be hoping to build on their first playoff victory at the 14th time of asking.

Fans who are familiar with my New odd number year theory (which I unveiled in March to lukewarm response) may know where I’m headed with this, because I love a good pattern as much as love the Spurs. Teams, like people, have personalities, and regularly do things in a certain way. And since Manu Ginobili  joined the Spurs in 2002-03, the post-season for every championship they’ve won has begun with a loss in Game One of their first playoff series.Quite simply, when the Spurs lose the first game of the NBA Playoffs, they win titles. Case closed.

For Spurs playoff schedules and highlights click here.

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Introducing DeJaun Blair

Dejuan Blair ladies and gentlemen.Born DeJuan Blair on April 22, 1989…Son of Greg Blair and Shari Saddler…Has a brother Greg, who started on the Schenley state title team…Extremely close to his grandmother Donna Saddler…Cousin of Pitt football player Cameron Saddler…Father Greg played and graduated from Schenley in 1991 and his mother, Shari averaged 20 points and 20 rebounds at Serra Catholic in the 1980s…Owns a 7-foot-2-inch wingspan…Grew up in a house just 600 yards from the Pitt campus…Attended high school a mile from campus…Nickname is the “Big Fella” or simply “Fella”…First dunk took place at Pittsburgh’s Ammons Recreation Center as a 6-foot-4-inch 8th grader…

On June 25, 2009 Blair was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs in the second round with 37th overall pick. His stock fell because of questions surrounding his durability and knee surgeries. Blair signed with the Spurs within weeks of the draft on July 17. Blair made his NBA debut in game 1 against the New Orleans Hornets, he finished with 14 points and 11 rebounds ranking second in ESPN’s “Top 50” Rookie Ranking.

On January 13, 2010, Blair became the first rookie in Spurs history to record a 20–20 (at least 20 of any two statistical categories) since Tim Duncan, when he finished with 28 points and 21 rebounds (10 offensive rebounds) in a 109–108 overtime win against the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was also the first time in 29 years that a rookie who was not drafted in the first round of the draft recorded a 20–20. Blair recorded his second 20–20 of the season in the Spurs’ final regular season game when he recorded 27 points and 23 rebounds against the Dallas Mavericks

Blair also participated in the Rookie Challenge  wherein he showed a strong performance especially in the first half, when he made a dunk from the backboard, a trick shot in the final minutes of the game, and tallied 22 points, and 23 rebounds, becoming the first player to have a 20–20 game in a Rookie Challenge and setting a Rookie Challenge record for rebounds. He won the Rookie Challenge MVP when Tyreke Evans shared it with him.

On April 29, 2010 Blair was involved in a single car accident en route to a playoff game against the Dallas Mavericks. Spurs shooting coach Chip Engelland picked Blair up and transported him to the At&T Center for examination.

On April 30, 2010 Blair was named to the 2009–10 T-Mobile NBA All-Rookie Second Team. Check out one of is dunks right here.

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Girl Talk isn’t a girl!

(born October 26, 1981),Gregg Michael Gillis better known by his stage name Girl Talk,is an American musician specializing in mashups and digital sampling. Some people say that this is illegal. Because she uses just a snippet sample of songs and and creates a new song, well technically not a new song because the songs he  uses aren’t new or original.

I think this is cool way to take the music and the MP3 generation to the next level.I mean lawyer are say the is illegal but Girl Talk  still has yet to be prosecuted.Why is that? Being that was he does is illegal and popular record companies maybe playing the field to see how other record companies will react. I mean who know this mat turn out for the best with Girl Talk, record companies may pay him to mashup songs and the air play in clubs. He may come out with mix tapes and albums with his mashups…Who know???

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Die Heart Fan or Not

If you know me, follow me on twitter or even add me as a friend on facebook, you can’t help but to know that I am a dies heart Spurs fan. I am a San Antonio native and I rep my city and cut for the Spurs every chance I get. So basically I am the definition of a die heart fan.

Just last month the Spurs have been suffering. A six game loosing streak has never been in the Spurs record since the team has been establish in 1976. Through this loosing streak fans start loosing hope in the team. Since the Heat were start to pick up, and the Lakers haven’t lost a game since the All-Star weekend break. This made me real heart-broken that fans were starting to turn their backs on the Spurs. It made it even worse when the Houston Rockets with the worst record in the Western Conference beat in overtime. Yeah after that game my twitter mention were high with Houstonians finally having the chance to talk mess about their team beating mine.

I really have a legit argument on why exactly we went through that 6 games loosing streak. 
1.the lost of Tim Duncan played a great part 2.Pop is resting the starter in time for the playoffs 3.Our team isn’t as young as other team

Even with those excuses and our 6 game loosing streak we are still number one in the NBA and we also have the number one seeding to enter in the playoffs.Soooooo with that being said each time the Spurs lost I was there tweeting , proudly wear those black and silver colors.

For games highlight and scheduled listing click here


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No Bandwagon Groupie…

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